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#012: George Burgess

November 15, 2017


40 mins








“You have to be looking to build a £100million+ company"


George Burgess... where to start? Founder of revision app company that raised $3million, Venture Partner for InMotion (Jaguar Land Rover),  Stanford Uni dropout, Co-founder of EdTech Exchange, public speaker, and part-time 'tinkerer'!


Further to meeting George at The BETT Show earlier this year, we stayed in contact via the EdTech Exchange network he co-founded. After finding out more about his story it was one I just had to share.


George founded the revision app company Gojimo which is used by 1/3 of GCSE and A level students in the UK, and over the past couple of years has achieved a successful exit to the Telegraph. This however wasn't without its challenges... they achieved huge user acquisition, constantly developed the platform, but did struggle to monetise!


Alongside Gojimo, George founded EdTech Exchange which is a network for EdTech founders (of which Titus Learning are a part of!). This started off as a way to speak with peers in the sector, but soon grew into a large organisation and a real business opportunity. 


As well as George's business ventures, we discuss how he manages his time, his other interests and ideas, and what's next.


In this episode we discuss:


  • Nailing the process of user acquisition

  • Challenges and considerations for monetising your app

  • When is it right to look at VC funding

  • Validating your idea

  • Time management (and generally how to spin a lot of plates!)

  • Avoiding burnout and how to bring balance to work

  • Product testing, KPIs, metrics, and constantly iterating

  • When to pivot

  • Creating a network around you to share ideas

  • Building something that your target market love

  • Managing stakeholders e.g. investors


Links from this episode:


Gojimo Website


Gojimo Twitter


George Burgess Twitter


InMotion Ventures (Jaguar Land Rover)


EdTech Exchange


Accounts Lab

















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