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#023: Kirsty Hulse

September 10, 2018


29 mins









“The future is freelance” 


In this episode, we were lucky enough to speak with the Founder of Manyminds, Kirsty Hulse. Manyminds is a digital marketing agency, BUT,, “The digital marketing agency that is actually different”... and after speaking with Kirsty, I can see exactly why!


Kirsty worked within the SEO and PR industry for 10 years before she got a bit fed up with the stale environment, and people paying above board for services that could have been delivered better, faster, and more inline with their requirements.


It was a conversation with a friend that sparked the idea for Manyminds, and Kirsty decided to follow through on her word, and in the process, won her first big deal!


Years on, Kirsty is captain of a fully functioning and ‘all steam ahead’ freelancing ship! If that’s not enough, Kirsty decided to write a book (see links), talking about her journey, and why the ‘Future is Freelance’!


If you’re currently working with freelancers, or have ever considered it, then this is a great episode to listen to. We also talk a lot about different business structures, and finding the right one for you without bowing down to social pressure.


**WANT A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY OF KIRSTY’S BOOK?** - Just share this page on social media and tag the Startup Secrets account (Insta, Twitter or FB) and we’ll enter your name in the draw :) GOOD LUCK!


In this episode we discuss:


  • The power of freelance

  • How to find your perfect freelancers

  • Motivations for starting a company

  • Why a ‘lifestyle’ business might be for you

  • How to write a book

  • And as always, plenty more…


Links mentioned in this episode:


Manyminds Website


Manyminds Twitter


Manyminds Instagram


Manyminds LinkedIn


Kirsty Hulse Twitter


Book recommendation - The Future is Freelance by Kirsty Hulse


Book recommendation - Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin


System/tech recommendation - Slack


Accounts Lab






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