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#031: Rob Fitzpatrick

34 mins

The idea of perfect evidence is a trapwith Rob Fitzpatrick

Ever since I first read ‘The Mom Test’, I’ve been obsessed with recommending the book to friends and entrepreneurs who are looking for business advice. For me, it’s the ultimate ‘how-to’ guide when it comes to validating business ideas, understanding your customers, and deciding whether you have a real idea of value. To say I’m excited to have the author, Rob Fitzpatrick, as the guest on this episode is a huge understatement!

Rob’s background is in tech companies, where he was part of incubator/accelerator groups alongside the likes of Dropbox. After running a number of his own successful companies, and (in his own words) a ‘failure’ or two, he’s extremely well-placed to write about how to best validate ideas to see when you’re on to a winner, and when you’re not!

When Rob’s businesses didn’t end up exactly the way he wanted/expected them to, he felt like he was doing a lot of work, and having a lot of conversations, but soon realised he wasn’t having the right conversations, and was also experiencing burnout. It was at this point he wrote his guide so others could avoid doing the exact same thing!

For any entrepreneurs with new businesses or ideas, if I can urge you to listen to any episodes, please let it be this one!

**As we’ve done with previous episodes, we’ll be giving away copies of Rob’s book (The Mom Test) to 3 lucky listeners who share the episode on their social platforms**

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to get honest feedback

  • Validating your business idea - a masterclass!

  • Tips for public speak and presenting

  • Why surveys are no good for your pitch deck

  • Blogging to improve your writing skills

  • Why talking to customers is not enough, you have to talk to them properly

  • Avoiding burnout

  • Lifestyle businesses

  • How and when to pitch your idea

  • And as always, plenty more...

Links mentioned in the episode:

Anything you want - Derek Sivers

Zero to one - Peter Thiel

The Mom Test - Rob Fitzpatrick

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